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Whether engaged in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, advisory services, valuation or litigation support, or turnaround and crisis management services, Private Investment Bankers must be bold, innovative and construct transactions that will endure the test of time. These same skills built the ancient monuments whose grace and beauty we still enjoy today.

Supporting the owners of medium-sized and smaller companies engage in the "business-of-business" is the raison d'être of Hyde Park Group and of John D. Emery, Managing Member.  

The pursuit of "business-of-business" strategies shifts a company's focus from day-to-day operations and the delivery of goods and services to customers to the building of enterprise value in both the short and long-term for the company as a whole .

The first step in pursing the "business-of-business" is analytic and strategic. As every owner and executive knows, managing the growth of an enterprise requires leveraging strengths while addressing constraints, and exploiting opportunities while fending off short and long term threats.

Companies engage Hyde Park Group to provide an independent strategic perspective and to execute "business-of-business" strategies.

Each of these services is provided in a confidential manner.

Owners and executives can tap into the experience of John D. Emery, Hyde Park's Managing Member, who has dedicated his career to helping owners and executives of medium-sized and smaller companies optimize the value of their companies.   

In addition, he has helped many companies raise the financing required to take the next corporate development step, provided strategic consulting services, completed complex valuations, provided litigation support services, and served as a Court appointed professional in numerous turnaround and crisis situations.

Personal Note

Transactions negotiated by Private Investment Bankers must be bold, innovative and designed to weather the test of time.